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Maryna Gupal

          Maryna is promising artist that was born in Cherkasy, Ukraine, but in 2014 she permanently settled in Edmonton.

          She had a passion for art from an early age. During her school years she made many banners and art projects for school and after-school clubs.

Maryna always had creative mind and she was able to use this ability during her study (she holds Bachelor Degree in Journalism) and work as a journalist back in Ukraine.

          She always had strong impulse to create and paint. For some period she even painted on nails and created various beautiful nail designs.

          Maryna’s introduction to the large scale painting projects has begun during work at children’s summer camp, when she painted scene decorations for camp events and shows. She really liked how it represented the mood of the show.

          Maryna likes to experiment with different mediums. She likes to try new techniques and find solutions. She believes in continuous learning as there is always room for self-improvement.

          Her favourite subject to paint on canvas is abstract. She likes to use colours in her work and apply it in combination of controlled and chaotic strokes. She likes to incorporate splashes in her work. It provides some element of surprise and unpredictability during process and interesting shapes intrigues the eye. Her art helps to make unique experience to the viewer, evoke some personal feelings, make a connection and bring specific mood to the room.

          Currently she is working on a collection of abstract art on large scale canvas.

In 2018 Maryna understood, that art is not just her hobby, not only a passion, but a true calling! She started her company – More Than Painting Art and directed her focus on walls and window painting. She uses different tools (brushes, airbrushes, paint rollers etc.) and techniques to create mural or decorative wall finish, but her favourite tool is stencil. Having an ability to create digital design, she makes stencils and customizes it to suit customer’s needs in best possible way. She listens carefully customer’s wishes and works diligently while creating design and completing project. It brings her great joy to see how her art transforms the space.

           Courses and Classes:

  • University of Alberta - various art courses

  • NAIT - various digital art courses

  • Paint Spot - various art classes

  • Gail Adams Studio of Art - various art classes

  • Many other online courses and studies


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